Arevo Health one of 24 Tech Startups Selected for Second WTIA Founder Cohort

We’re excited to announce the 24 Washington tech startups we’ve selected for the second version of our Founder Cohort Program. The program — part of the WTIA Startup Club — aligns with our effort to support entrepreneurs in Washington’s booming tech industry.

The Founder Cohort Program will help these venture-scale startups develop over the course of one year. Each startup is headquartered in Washington, has at least one product in development, has an annual revenue of less than $1 million, and passed a rigorous application process. Led by a committee of seasoned tech founders and entrepreneurs — including Dave Parker of 6 Month Startup, Susan Preston of SeaChange Fund, and Leslie Feinzaig of Female Founders Alliance — the program will support each company and guide them through the crucial stages of revenue navigation, investment security, and team development.

“Launching a startup is a lonely endeavor. Finding a group of founders with both time and willingness to help each other succeed almost never happens organically,” said Michael Schutzler, CEO of WTIA. “We recruit those quality peers, then give them seasoned mentors and experts in accounting, marketing, product development, sales, and raising capital. We are honored to help each generation of founders help the next in line.”

Congratulations to the companies selected for our second Founder Cohort:

Donald Bunnell, Molly Moore & Bec Chapin (NODE); Christopher-Alan Williams (; Robert Hamblet & Micheal Johnston (Teal Communications); Afshan Abbas & Rameez Sajwani (Fuchsia Shoes Inc.); Holly Hart & Joel Carben (IdealSeat); Nan Jackson (LiveBallot); Jeff Kramer & Istvan Fulop (Transparent Systems Inc.); Arian Abdulkader & Vanessa Alvarez (NEXME Inc.); Ryan Fix, Greg Kershaw & Brandon Fix (ArevoHealth); Richard Samuelson & Bryan Laubster (Odysseus Technology Inc.); Nishant Padhye (Bizlyzer LLC); Korrine Leiter-Fraser, Michael Fraser, & Anthony Rowlands (Refactr); Shari Burk (Vision Platform); Hamed Ahmadi & Sina Torabi (Medsien); Sean Buchanan, Charles Phillips & Ryan Kellogg (Visom Technology); Allen Lu & James Wu (AdaptiLab); Louis Vichy, Alan Meekins & Nicholas Z. (RosHub Inc.); Don Hernandez & Brian Dey (Enlyte); Hannah Duckworth & Dillon V. (Atra Blockchain); Vincent Peak & Eric Kobe (Share Farm); James Lee, Sarah Chhoukdean & Michael Marvick (Coffee Break); Brendan Lee & Samm Desmond (Nodesmith); Kevin Gorman (ThingBlu Inc.)