Gallagher Spokane and Arevo Health are working together to give companies more control over their healthcare costs.

Gallagher’s Inland NW Offices and Arevo Health are collaborating to deliver an A.I.-powered data analytics platform that can utilize real-time claims data to help employers manage healthcare costs.

 SPOKANE, WA – May 7, 2019 — On Monday, Arevo Health announced they are working together with Gallagher’s Inland Northwest Offices to help organizations take more control over their healthcare costs. This collaborative effort is focused on helping employers and employees alike make better healthcare decisions.

“Arevo Health is solving a complex challenge for self-funded employers, allowing them and their employees to be better consumers of healthcare,” said Charlie Isaacs, Area President for Gallagher in Spokane, WA. “We see value in the platform and the mission of bringing transparency to healthcare”.

This collaboration is focused on the Northwest and will allow both groups to work together on current and new business opportunities. The Arevo Health platform will be offered to Gallagher’s self-funded clients at zero cost and will help drive a high level of control over total healthcare spend.

Arevo’s platform enables companies to optimize their benefit spend by finally capturing, owning and leveraging their self-funded health plan claims data. The system provides a vendor-agnostic data analytics platform to drive vendor transparency to remove conflicts of interest while it independently measures the ROI of an organization’s health plan initiatives.

“For the last several months we have been looking to find the right benefits consultant with which to collaborate to better understand their challenges as well as the needs of their customers,” said Ryan Fix the CEO of Arevo Health. “The team at Gallagher was far and beyond the right choice for us. They are aligned with our goals of total transparency and alignment with like-minded organizations focused on driving down healthcare cost.”

Northwest Orthopedic Specialist is the first customer being supported by this new collaboration. Stephanie Brenden, CFO commented that “We have never had this level of visibility into our health plan data to understand the plan’s vendors total compensation.  It is important to have a complete picture of fees when considering potential vendors and plan options.”   Shannon Drews, Director of HR shared “As a health plan sponsor, we value transparency, which is part of the reason we like working with Gallagher Benefits. Arevo not only provides a new level of transparency, but we can see how it will continue to monitor the performance of our vendors”.

Both Gallagher and Arevo Health wanted to test with a local client and are pleased with the results of the platform.  Starting today both companies will be working together to expand market share in the region and if all goes well, expand into additional markets.

Arevo Health is a digital health company that enables employers with self-funded benefits to optimize their healthcare investments while driving better health for their employees.  Our cloud-based platform leverages AI to democratizes the healthcare ecosystem based on price, quality, and customers experience while also aligning and engaging all benefits vendors efforts towards a single goal of driving better healthcare for employers and their employees.