A new approach to
employer health benefits

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The Rising Cost of
Healthcare Coverage

Employers and Employees alike are very familiar with the ever increasing cost of healthcare.  What many don’t fully appreciate is that over the last 15 years employee contributions have increased at more than three times the rate of their wages.

In that same period, premiums have increased almost five times the rate of inflation. This cost trajectory is not sustainable.  And to date, the current healthcare ecosystem has not provided a meaningful solution.

A New Approach to Healthcare

Arevo’s automated, data-driven approach enables Employers to capture, analyze and leverage their own claims expense data along with other data sources to drive full transparency and remove potential vendor conflicts.  

This vendor agnostic approach develops baseline data, which is used to measure the effectiveness of all vendor initiatives and cost containment measures while mining for additional value based savings opportunities.

Real-time Data at Your Fingertips

Arevo lowers costs for employers with more transparent data and by helping patients choose more affordable, high-quality options for their health care. The Arevo platform finally re-aligns employer, employee and health care providers with shared incentives to drive savings.

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