Arevo Data Analytics
& Engagement Platform

The Arevo Platform is not only designed for employers, but also benefits vendors as well. We are allowing vendors to transform their business from emails and PDF’s to web based platforms to actively engage and manage their customers.

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Benefits Brokers

Service Differentiator

  • Highlights Transparency
  • Aligns financial incentives
  • Promotes access to C-suite
  • Makes data actionable
  • Prioritizes Client Initiatives

Backroom Automation

  • Analyzes and Presents vendor proposals
  • Replaces tedious manual spreadsheets
  • Secure data storage and sharing
  • Client guardrail notifications


Healthcare Navigation

  • Uncovers inverse relationship between cost and quality
  • Highlights value proposition
  • Reduced customer service costs

Administers Complex Plan Customization

  • Narrow networks
  • Rx Incentives beyond copays
  • Medical Tourism

Point of Service Adjudication

  • Undermines ”BUCAH” network dominance
  • No auto-adjudication and associate clearinghouse fees
  • Improved member experience

“The Arevo platform finally makes data actionable for both me and my clients.”

— Broker

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