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Our cloud-based platform leverages AI to democratizes the healthcare ecosystem for employers and their plan members. We allow all employers and employees to make better healthcare purchasing decisions based on quality, price and customer experience and track the ROI of these investments over time at both the plan and member level.

The Arevo Health platform connects the fragmented employee benefits industry, aligning and engaging all vendors efforts towards a single goal of driving better healthcare for employers and their employees.

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Core Features of the Arevo Platform

Mission Control

Arevo’s data analytics platform gives employers with self-funded plans a robust platform to manage their health plan, vendors and track ROI of all initiatives.

Vendor Management

  • A comprehensive view of all benefit expenses
  • Drives full transparency and vendor alignment
  • Automated vendor service solicitation


Unlike current reporting provided to employers, Arevo uses raw claims data to drive complete transparent reporting and analytics with a potential bias to users.

Benefit Optimization

  • Identifies group and individual savings opportunities
  • Plan design “what if” analysis
  • Track plan initiative ROI

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