Take control of your healthcare

The arevohealth platform is designed for self-insured employers and their employees to help optimize healthcare benefits while driving significant savings for both.
For Employers

Arevo lowers costs for employers with transparent data and helps patients choose more affordable, high-quality care.

For Patients

Arevo’s easy to use app empowers patients with timely, transparent and personalized information to simplify their health care experience.

For Providers

Arevo allows hospitals and doctors market opportunities to compete in real time for patients, including the ability to offer special or spot pricing for unused appointments.

Why Arevo

Arevo’s solution bridges the frustrating gaps between insurers, hospitals, medical providers, and patients; solving the significant drivers of escalating health care cost.

Tools for employers to manage costs

Arevo simplifies the morass of data from consultants and insurers, empowering companies to identify savings opportunities, measure results and improve employee benefit satisfaction.

Choices for employees to lower costs

Arevo empowers patients with easy options and financial incentives to choose higher quality, more affordable care.

“Arevo helped Pearson Packaging Systems identify healthcare savings of nearly $1,000 per employee. This is the first tool that we have seen that provides transparency into pricing for healthcare services and helps create an actionable approach to realizing meaningful savings.”

Mike Senske, President & CEO of Pearson Packaging.

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