Take control of your healthcare

Our mission is clear, help companies better manage their employee health plans. Today 26,000 US companies self-insure their health plan benefits. These companies spend annually $750B blindly because reporting is either not timely, not transparent or non-actionable. Arevo arms companies to finally take action and save money.

Tools for employers to manage costs

Arevo simplifies the morass of data from consultants and insurers, empowering companies to identify savings opportunities, measure results and improve employee benefit satisfaction.

Why Arevo

The Arevo solution collects and analyzes expense data from multiple plan vendors, the employer, and employees to empower employers for the first time to effectively manage their health benefit spend. Our vendor agnostic system provides the technology to drive transparency into the heavily conflicted healthcare marketplace.

Choices for employees to lower costs

Arevo empowers patients with easy options and financial incentives to choose higher quality, more affordable care.

“Arevo helped Pearson Packaging Systems identify healthcare savings of nearly $1,000 per employee. This is the first tool that we have seen that provides transparency into pricing for healthcare services and helps create an actionable approach to realizing meaningful savings.”

Mike Senske, President & CEO of Pearson Packaging.

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